Fully Auto Shell Moulding Machine

These Machines are manufactured for dedicated use either horizantally or vertically parted core boxes . These machines having automatic operation including sand blowing gassing & purging cycles & mechanized core removal. Core shooter may use amine gun generation unit.

  • Continuous cycle process
  • Cycle time : 50 sec/shell approx
  • PLC control
  • Plate size 350x600x 75 mm & 450x600x75 mm

Varad shell moulding machine has made a revolutionary change in shell moulding production. Four stations automatic shell moulding machine is designed precisely and constructed for the huge production of moulds. The machine consists of square rotary tables and one match plate on each side of square. The rotation consists of fast speed and slow speed with brake system controlled by limit switches. In the four stations, the sub stations are : investment, preheating, after heating and ejection. Only one operator is required to operate the machine. The bucket elevator is installed on one side of the machine in which the sand is elevated to the top hopper for sieving. Below the top seiver hopper is mounted, with pneumatically operated butterfly valve.

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